Our Mission ハッピーコミュニティーの目的・使命

Our Non Profit Organisation “Happy Community Network” is based in Dicky Beach on the Sunshine Coast. Our mission is to reproduce Japanese culture through enjoying our activity and spreading our culture to Australia. We would like to build the bridge between Australia and Japan.

Our Activities 主な活動内容

The detailed activities are as follows

1.Japan Festival Sunshine coast

We’ve organised cultural Event “Japan Festival on the Sunshine coast” since 2016.
You will find many Japanese festival attractions at Matsuri, including Japanese food stalls, music, traditional Japanese toy(Kendama, Shateki) and gorgeous Japanese items. At our exhibition booths you will find traditional arts and crafts workshops with activities like Origami and Japanese Calligraphy. Over on the stage you’ll find yourself entertained by traditional festival dancers, as well as Budo (Japanese Martial Arts) demonstration, Taiko (Japanese Drums) performance, Japanese Healing such as Reiki and much more. We also offer exciting segments on stage such as the stage show that involve our audience members.

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As a Charity Event in 2016

We welcomed over 1,000 visitors into Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.
Everyone enjoyed Japanese culture, dance, food and products and together with local support and raffle tickets sales, $6022.00 was able to be raised towards the fund to help Japan Kumamoto earth-quake victims.

Here is the messages from the people who affected the earthquake in Kumamoto Japan

As a Charity Event in 2017

We welcomed over 1,200 visitors into Currimandi on the Sunshine Coast.
Everyone enjoyed Japanese culture, dance, food and products and together with local support and raffle tickets sales, we are fundraising to spread Japanese culture within the local community. This time we will be donating the money to Currimandi Special School to help their education.

2.Japanese Food Festival Sunshine coast

We are so excited to have the first ever Sunshine Coast Japanese Food Festival. If you love authentic Japanese food, don’t miss this once-a-year chance to try authentic Japanese food from local Japanese business on the Sunshine Coast.

3.Beach Access Wheel Chair in Dicky Beach

We’re supporting to provide a beach-access wheelchair. It can be taken down on the beach, across rough ground, over sand, and all sorts of places people with mobility problems typically can’t enjoy. Just imagine how special it would be to get down onto the beach, to paddle in the surf if that’s impossible without access to a very special wheelchair.

4. Re-Locational Therapy (R.T)

Re-locational Therapy

Even without relying on medicines, you can regain healthy body and mind that will not get sick with Re-Locational therapy. Re-Locational Therapy incorporates diet therapy, exercise therapy, hyperthermia therapy, environmental therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, etc.

When you are feeling stressed or your body’s condition is unwell. Try to change current living environment.

*1  A comparison before and after the Re-Locational therapy to subjects
with depression, withdrawal, panic syndrome. (DASS)

Target audience:

Holiday recreation, refreshing, experiencing life in nature

People who want to change the present situation, people who want to change their lifestyle.

Duration: 2 weeks to 12 weeks

You can detoxify toxins, negative emotions, etc. that have remained in your body with your lifestyle habits.

It will be pleasant when people are in nature. The pleasant feeling in nature is a testimony of what is originally a human being living surrounded by nature. Nature enhances human healing power. The sunshine, stars in the night sky, delicious air should also all know to make your body cheerful.

The five major elements of health are said to be meal, exercise, sleep, excretion, environment. ① ~ ④ Items are parts of great relevance to the body and individuals can be careful about themselves. On the other hand, “environment” is generally understood as an external factor, and it is said to be unchanged unless you move, reform, change jobs, etc. Even more, if you include human relationships, friendships and love relationships in the “environment”, it can be said that it is even more difficult to change by individual efforts alone.

However, we can improve all five major elements of health by the Re-Locational therapy program we propose under the Sunshine Coast environment in Australia.

5.Japanese Work Shop

Making Dicky Salt Work Shop

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Miso and Shoyu(soy sauce) Work Shop

We are doing Japanese traditional fermented food workshop such as Miso, Soy sauce and so on.

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6.Cultural Integration

7. Happy Community Video Clip

Sharing Happiness with local community and business.