Japanese Street Food at the festival.

Don’t miss out these mouthwatering Highly recommend Japanese dishes!!

Japan Festival Sunshine Coast 2019

・Salmon Nigiri Sushi 
・JFC(Japanese Fried Chicken) 
・Sushi Roll ・Okonomiyaki 
・Yakisoba(Stir-Fried Noodles) ・Gyoza and Dumpling
・Yakitori(Chicken Skewers) ・Teriyaki Chicken
・Tonkatsu(Crumbed Pork) ・Takoyaki
・Matcha frappe ・Shaved Ice
・Taiyaki(Snapper Shaped Pancake)  
and more

Also, Head Chef Kitamura Shiro from Yume Japanese Restaurant will be doing whole salmon filleting demonstration! 
I am really looking forward to eating this food!! 
Please come and join us!!