2019 Anime Cosplay Contest @Japan Festival Sunshine Coast  

アニメコスプレ・コンテスト  ☆Best Cosplay ☆Runner Up Best Cosplay ☆Best Costume☆Best Group ☆Judges Choice

Date: Sunday, 11th August 2019
Time: 3 pm (Check in by 2 pm) (The Festival from 12:30 pm to 5 pm) 
Place: Meridan State College 
(214 Parklands Boulevard Meridan Plains Qld)●Pre registration is highly recommended as this will enable us to plan ahead of time, and be more aware of the number of applicants on the day. Please register here →

You can wear a bought costume, or you are free to make one yourself. Make sure all props, loose items or protrusions connecting to your costume and all parts on your person are secured in place to avoid clothing slipping or falling off. This Cosplay contest is a family-friendly event, you must wear PG, family-orientated clothing (for example, wearing shorts under skirts) no overt showing of the skin or grotesque injuries. If a costume is deemed inappropriate, you will be withdrawn from the competition and asked to change.

For everyone’s safety, it is strongly advised that you do not bring any props or weapons that are made from anything but material such as cardboard, foam or paper. (Metal, plastic and harder material of the sort will have a high likelihood of being confiscated at the entrance of the festival.) 
This is to prevent accidentally being poked or poking people when in a crowd, and for any prop to be used as an actual weapon as even plastic if thrown can be very dangerous. Smaller items such as daggers and shuriken made from foam, paper and other soft material should not be an issue but never point your weapon at others, hit, or throw anything in your vicinity as in the event of this occurrence your prop will be confiscated. 
Staff may still ask to examine your props and weapons at any time during the event.
Possession of real knives, chains and swords or items that resemble real guns (model guns, plastic guns alike) will result in you being unable to enter the vicinity of the festival. (In these circumstances, please return these items to your home, car, or they will be held by staff until the end of the event.)About the Judges: 
Amiage is a Japanese Cosplayer, she has come to study in Australia
Her favourite anime is Re:Zero and she loves to listen to Vocaloid.
Sophia is half Japanese, and studying music at University. She loves Anime and drawing. Her favourite anime is HunterxHunter, and the Japanese band “Yorushika”.Please read the basic agreementrequiredBy submitting this registration you will be agreeing to royalty free copyright, any photos taken of you, your Cosplay and competition related videos taken will potentially be published online to facebook and other social medias.