Main Event 盆踊り大会 Japan Festival

今年は8月11日に開催です!Japan Festival Sunshine Coast 2019 coming soon!

@Meridan State College, 214 Parklands Boulevard Meridan Plains QLD Australia

Sunday 11th August 2019 12:30~17:00

****** Concept of Obon Festival *******

In middle of August(from 13th to 16th Aug), In Japan we have Obon holidays. Obon means the festival of souls. This is very unique and one of the most important family holidays. It’s believed that ancestors’ spirits to return to the world of the living on the day. Family gets together to think and appreciate their ancestor. It’s a Family reunion.
So Japanese kids say “For O-Bon we go back to my father’s hometown where my grandparents live. So people come back to local place where they were born.”

On the more festive side of things, at night, people head to the local community center or hall where it’s like a big carnival. There’s lots of music, dancing and vendors selling food, toys, and souvenirs. People usually wear Yukata(lightweight cotton kimono) and join in the big community dance.

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